To Donate or Not To Donate….

…that’s the question that occured to me on days following the devastating Earthquake that ravaged southern part of Central Java, with damages centralized in The Special Province of Yogyakarta. It was a 5.7 on richter scale earthquake, which can be classified as rather violent earthquake.

Soon, the victims were numbered in thousands, exceeding half thousand people of all ages. And adding more danger to the mix, Mount Merapi, the most active volcano in the world that has been showing signs of getting erupted soon for the past 3 weeks is still spewing lava and choking smokes.

My Condolescent for the victims and their families.

Now, with every natural disasters of this scale, helps and donations will soon be coming. Already organizations are announcing that they are accepting donations to be sent to devastated areas.

Organizations, and people on the street.

Boxes made of cardboard have been carried by people – some from local religious groups, university students, political parties, up to some devious looking people – on the street labelled with papers that say “Donations for Yogya” or so. It is quite a good sight actually, showing that people are acting up fast to collect donations for their fellow citizens in damaged areas.

What troubles me is that some of the cardboxes are hauled around by people that look like they are thinking of collecting the donation money for themselves. They have red, vicious eyes, sitting on the middle of a road guarding a box that said “Donation” while emitting aura that show rather suspicious intentions. They are the most glaring type of money-manipulating. You still unable to fully trust those that wear organization uniforms either. There are organizations here in Jakarta that act no better than some cliche mafia: good looking in the front but bloody and greedy in the back.

You just can’t trust people collecting donation money on the street. Me? I rather donate my money to a trustworthy P.O Box than them. Money is getting hard to get, so they must be spent wisely.


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