In Safe Mode

I write this post using wbloggar under Windows “Safe Mode”. You know that Windows have been known to sometimes acting up strange, right? Right. Well, this morning, my windows didn’t start up right. It got loaded, it shows the “Windows XP” screen and that nice moving bar animation, and black screen. Few harddisk indicator light’s flicker later, it went silent. Harddisk didn’t even act up. I waited, but still things won’t continue.

So I moved to “Safe Mode with Networking” and write this. Hopefully, after this, I can start my Windows and get my normal life back.

Speaking of “Safe Mode”, it occured to me while taking bath yesterday that the core of the problems that have been plaguing the world for the last decades is FEAR. Yes, I have said so many times that fear is the root of all problems. Fear from losing dominations, fear from losing jobs, fear from losing limited resources, fear from losing freedom, and mostly FEAR TO CHANGE THINGS.

Perhaps this talk about fear will be extended some other times, but now, let me cope with this “Safe Mode” problem firs, okay?


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