Smoking: Mankind Pathway to Doom?

Well, people can say that smoking is bad for your health, but do you have thought about it that smoking people can become the cause for the end of humanity?

Well, let’s start with the obvious: cigars and cigarettes (and their families) are health deteriorating stuffs. They are choke full of chemical substances that are best left in a chemical plant waste processing facilities. They are saturated with excess chemical radicals resulting from imperfect oxidation (or burning) of organic materials. Some of the stuffs actually stick in smokers lung and reduce their capabilities to suck up air. Some of the said radicals bond with blood cells and body tissues and caused irregular mitosis of living cells and cause cancers and tumors to grow.

And those stuffs are not attacking the smokers only. Many of them spread all around, carried in the polluting gaseous substances that are blown out by smokers, annoying non-smokers and invading their innocence biological structures.

Smoking, in short, causes billions of dollars wasted in smoke-induced human biological deteriorations. A loss that, if not properly reduced, will hinder the growth of global economy forever.

But that’s not all. Do you know that smoking can cause End of Days?

Let’s start with the component that makes a cigarettes: tobaccos, spices, and…papers.
Papers are made from woods which are obtained from timbers that are harvested from forests and jungles. More cigarettes, more papers, more timbers need to be cut down.

Now, let’s think of what do a smokers need to do before they poison themselves: they light up a match, oxidizing the solid phosporous substances molded on an edge of0 wooden solid stick, wasting both the precious oxigen and the ever reducing renewable resource. The then transfer the oxidizing reaction (the fire) from the match onto the cigarettes, causing more oxigen to be consumed.

Now, oxigen and woods, catch my drift?

Oxygen is the thing we needed to let our cells break up that Adenosyn Triphosphate to release energy it contains that have been powering us up. It is also the thing that fire, any kind of fire (even fire of love) consumes in order to keep alight.

Do you know where did oxygen comes from? Guess what: Photosynthetizing Leaves. They inhale carbon dioxyde (that greenhouse gas thing) and exhale oxygen. These uber-important leaves are mostly concentrated in forests and jungles, two kind of haves that have been being consumed by human civilization faster than they can reproduce. Consumed to make papers and matchsticks consumed in a smoking activity.

Well, there are other activities that consume oxygen and woods, but are you willing to believe that your cigarette is not the one who become the thing that pushed the balance between oxygen consumption and production? The thing that started a chain reaction in oxygen concentration regression? The thing that started world-wide carbon monoxyde suffocation?

Wanna be responsible for doom of mankind? Don’t think of nuclear wars or uncurable pandemic virus, think about cigarettes and their deteriorating effects.

Stop smoking now. You’ll be glad you are not the one who killed the mankind.


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