…that somehow blogging has been a new canvas for many persons in this earth, has it been a cause to differences and conflicts that have been plaguing the new millenia?
Perhaps it’s too long a shot, but perhaps it can be.

Or perhaps, in long shot, it can become the cure for human conflicts? I mean, with so many thoughts poured out into the blogs each day, and many bloggers are reading each other’s blogs, perhaps an elevating degree of understanding can be achieved, an understanding, that perhaps can becoma a catalyst for human unification that ignores the barriers erected by self-satisfying governments and narrow-minded elitists?

Perhaps, perhaps. What we need now is how to overcome fear to authoritarian subjugation to freedom of thinking and how to better differentiate sweet-smelling lies from bitter-tasting truth…

Well, keep on believing, peace bloggers, cause beliefs are the foundations of human civilization and also the cause of its fall….


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