….this blog.

Every night, I have to fill this blog. Hmm…sometimes I wonder: what’s the drive behind the ever automatic drive of someone’s compulsion to fill his blog with daily entries?

For me, I thought at first that I can fill my blog with philosophical entries each night, because when I started this blog years ago (gee..near two years ago I guess) I was a worthless unemployed piece of meat who thought he can change the world with his typed words.

Now I am just a regular employed man who things he can change the world with his typed words but feeling that his energy is failing…you know, works and stuffs?

So, why do I fill my blog? Simple: cause I want to 🙂

Occam’s razor….

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  1. reaper said:

    I here that fellow philosopher. Alas my blog is falling on deaf ears that are not present. Blogmarked and linked!oh, if you go to my blog, you may want to check out my Retro Reaper post that includes links to my best stuff. It is located in the “info you need to know my blog” category.

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