It feels wrong…

…when I defended my right to have full service from a public transportation guy. Well, if you are frequent & keen reader of my blog, you have read that the buses I took have a habit to transfer their passangers to other buses, in the middle of a route, in other to u-turn and catch more passangers.

See, it is my right to be carried into my destination without being transferred to other bus. So, in a bus rather full of passangers, I shout my objection when the bus fare-collector guy told us to transfer. I said “NO!” and other passengers said “NO!” too. The bus driver stalled for a minute, but after being dominated by the passengers unwillingness to move, he gave up and started the bus.

That’s when the money-collector guy started whining to me “See, man, I need to give a huge amount of daily money to the boss so that I can eat. Can’t do that if we don’t do U-turn…”

I just went silent. I was touched really, I know that things are not fair with these poor bus drivers and fare-collectors. They have to pour sweat, shout screams, and speed fast in a crazy trafficed city so that they can collect an insane amount of money to be given to the bus owners which is almost 90% of what they gain every day.

It’s hard life for them.

But still I cannot let my rights be taken by law-defying people, even when they are people who we should feel pity with.

It’s not a fair world to some, but God knows more about fairness. Me? I am just defending my rights while trying to give others their rights…


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