..to the land of oppresive lies and manipulated mass media.

Al-Zarqawi is dead. Freedom is saved. How pathetic.

How come the death of one man is a signal to a coming peace in a land occupied by soldiers of those who seeks to rape the land’s riches? The way I see it, Zarqawi is a martyr for a struggle by ravaged people to gain their sovereignity and to be free of any other countries manipulated puppets.
If Zarqawi is a terrorist, then the same can be said for Xanana Gusmao who terrorized the land of East Timor before it was detached from Indonesia and fell into its sorry state today. The same can be said for Israel who terrorized the land of Middle East before it was considered a legitimate nation by some countries. The same can be said for founding fathers for all nations in the world who terrorized their occupants in order to gain freedom and control over their ancestors lands.

Terrorists? Isn’t those who put fears into hearts of men, by words or by use of force?

Terrorists? Isn’t that that damn fucking current USA Republic-dominated government?

Terrorists. Not Zarqawi, they aren’t.

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  1. reaper said:

    Yeah, I was wondering how is it we celebrate and be joyous of death. Shouldn’t people feel sad that it had to end like that? Shouldn’t we feel sad that we must kill a man who in turn killed creating a vicious cycle of hate?

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