Earthquake is the most unpredictable kind o disaster in the world. No one can predict when it will happen, scientifically. But there are certain persons, claiming to have secrets of the world’s future, that say they can tell you that there will be earthquake in the future.

These kind of people now take prominent positions in the mindset of people of Indonesia. They claim that the recent great earthquakes that have taken hundreds of thousands of lives are not ending. There will be more great earthquakes in the near future, and one of them will hit Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.

I simply hate it when there are people, based on premonitions and bullshits, predicting that there will be disasters in the future. I really hate it when they say it at times when there are still people reeling from pains and grieves of losing their loved ones, their homes, and their normal lives. I hate it because what they say is close to saying catastrophic lies, and lying catastrophically to victims of disasters is TOTALLY INSANE !!

What more insane is a claming-to-be-paranormal saying that a disaster is not happening when it IS happening in front of him.
In recent events surrounding Mount Merapi heightened volcanic activity, an old, arrogant, stupid, claiming to be paranormal says that Merapi will not erupt, while in fact it has been erupting, spewing poisonous clouds and molten lava all, threatening people who won’t leave the place because their leader, the arrogant old man said that the disaster is not happening.

I really hate it when there are influential people who based their actions on things don’t exist.


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