God’s words?

Cruising on Blogexplosion, I can’t help but wonder on the existence of severals blogs who has posts that is made as if they are jesus christ’s words. We know that they are not, and we know that it must be some signs of religious delusions.
I know, I know. I know that they mean good in acting like that, but it still has no sense. Why do they have to make up holy words if they just can snitch it from their holy books? Is that means their holy books are not worth quoting?

Sigh, the problems with so called “Bearers of Words of God”…one is an oil-greed bastard who happens to be commandeerin the largest armed forces on earth, and many are so lost in their delusions that they can’t see what’s wrong with their own holy books.

Jesus lived after crucifixtion. He didn’t die there. Bible said so.



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