Walking home with a senior, talking about the recent hot-mud-from-the-bottom-of-the-earth-flooding happening in Eastern Java suffered by the company’s sister company, we ended up talking about karma. I meant, we know that the accident was first published as a mere drilling accident and under control, but a week afterward, it is escalating to a very bizarre disaster: hot mud mixed with oil and sulphuric gas bubbled out from the bottom of the crack in the earth, fllooding 3 villages and many industrial area in more than 100.000 cubic feet of clays, water, and God knows what. The karma part comes from the our knowledge that the company’s owners and managements are hiding something. What they are hiding are the facts that there are probabilities that some drilling procedures done by the sister company are not adequate to prevent some pressure induced fluid overflow from some 9000 ft below surface. And those inadequate procedures are probably the effects of negative business practices done by everyone involved in the drilling project.

I won’ t talk details.

Let’s just say cooperation in bad things will only yield bad things right? And letting bad things happen, in my point of view, is the same as cooperating in bad things. So, why still we let bad things happen in our only Earth?


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