It is quite questionable on how God plays trick on our life. Two days ago, I bought a cellphone, Siemens C75, as a back up phone because my main phone, Siemens S75 has been under reparation for over a month and the representative said it could take more weeks to fix it . It was Friday night when I had the C75 delivered to my home. The next morning, I had a call from siemens service center, saying that my the reparation on S75 is completed and I can have it back.

Talking about luck. If I wait for just two more days, I won’t have to buy the C75 and wasted almost US$100 on a phone that I used for two days only.

It seems the C75 will really act as a backup phone afterall….

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  1. xianfu said:

    I read good blog… :p.. but keep it up!!!.. and cellphones???.. always hated it when I bought a new one.. and after that, there’s a huge sales on my newly bought cellphone.. how annoying is that???

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