Made in China

Anyone who read DC Comics 52 episode 6 (of 52) and Checkmate 2 must be aware that Chinese growth has inspired even the greatest comic publisher in America to make superheroes based on China people and culture. And recent news that China has ambition to put man on the moon by the year 2024 has sparked yet another awe for China.

Will China become the superpower after the imminent collapse of United States of America and the bankruptcy of Europe (which will happen soon I believe) ? Or will USA, EU, UK, Japan, and China eat each other out in contest to rule the true power of the world: Money ?

For now, I believe they are still dependant on each others. But remember, each of them uses things that are Made in China in large numbers, so soon, China will overlap the other four and we all shall bow before the might of the Red Dragon.

Or perhaps India will rise first and tackle China? Perhaps every Bollywood movies has subliminal messages in them that forces our subconscious to “Think India”….

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