Kurau Field Trip IX – Day 1-14

Well, the fact that I haven’t written about my recent field trip to Kurau is kinda out of tradition. In fact, many aspects of this field trip are out of tradition.

First, I’m doing this field trip without Cammy, my trusted, field-proven Canon Powershot A95. I couldn’t find her anywhere in my room when I was leaving my home. I got furious and shouting, with thundering voice, to everyone at my home “NEVER AGAIN ANYONE SHALL ENTER MY ROOM BUT ME!!!”

Second, I’m sharing the first half of my field trip with a junior FEMALE engineer. Yep, a newly accepted engineer, with a XX chromosom pair in her DNA. It’s a VERY NEW experience for me, heck, its a VERY NEW experience for the whole field personel, cause it seems a female engineer working outdoor, in the field, from dawn to dusk, has never occured before. That fact turned out to be a very effective tool to smoothen out my engineering operation. Everyone liked her, and everyone was willing to help her. So I put her into administrative task of taking care of consumptions, permits, and transportations, while I can focus on the monitoring duty.

Third, this is the first field campaign where I can go to so many number of wells. Up to day 14 I have worked on 25 wells, whereas on my previous field duties I usually worked on about 1 or 2, maximum 4 wells.

Fourth, this is my first field campaign where I can arrange the jobs with my own preferences. When I will do it, how long will I do it, and who will watch it are all of my preferences. This kinda liberating, but also kinda burdening.
Liberating cause I don’t have to do things that are defined in rigid limitations, and burdening cause I have to balance so many aspects on myself.

Fifth, this whole field trip campaign is a new thing for the company I work for, and I have to oversee it. It makes it the first time I have to oversee two fresh thing on my own: the new female engineer, and the new engineering job.

Wow, that’s a lot first times, right? Well, I guess this latest field trip is a whole new experiences for me. Actually, all of the field trips up to now are very different to one another, but this one feels more different because of the first things above.

And another first thing seems coming: this field trip threaten to be the first field trip in which I have to spend 20 days away from home. Sigh. Thanks God there is a bonus for everyday I spend on the field, otherwise I will crack….

Okay, enough talking about firt things and start talking about what is the exact thing I do here.

The theme of this field trip is Multiphase Flowmeter (MPFM) Trial. This is a trial campaign to do a metering for the entire phases (oil, water, and gas) flowing together inside an oil production flow line. The MPFM unit has been claimed to be able to read portions of each phases, thus giving correct flow rates for each. If this unit can do what is claimed it can do, my company could have easy, direct, and comprehensive tool to measure oil, gas, and water production of each well, thus able to really know for sure how many oil production it has for the total number of wells in our fields.

By knowing how many oil production it has, it can measure for sure how many is the shrinkage factor of the produced oil, thus minimizing the difference between conflicting data we have been having for years and don’t know what to do about it.

So far, the MPFM unit has liven up to its promise, able to tell the flow rates of three phases simultenously. Plus, it is able to give clues that there are something wrong with the well judged by its flow pattern.

Well, that’s the first two weeks of my field trip. Here’s hoping that there won’t be another two weeks….

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