Ancestors Pride

From last wednesday up to this morning, I was in Jogyakarta, hometown of my father, and his chosen retirement time haven.
It’s been a long time since I went to this historical city, and I thought it’s time to visit it.

Can’t say I had a blast of good time, but can’t say I had a bad time either.
I simply didn’t have time to visit all the monumental buildings in the city, but I did visit Borobudur Temple, the largest Buddhist Temple in the world. I even had mysel photographed in front of some of its parts.

Borobudur. I always to visit this one of The Seven Ancient Wonder of The Worlds. It’s an ancient (dated back from 700 A.D era), massive (almost as tall as 6 or 7 stories building tall, built from volcanic rocks), cultural (it has the stories of Buddha’s Journey to Enlightment carved into its stones, has several 2/1 scaled buddha statues inside intricately built stupas), holy (it’s the center of nation-wide buddhist ceremonies, and monumental structures.

It’s an ancient, everlasting, breath-taking heritage made by my ancestors, the ancient citizens of Central Java Empire. The fact that they could make something so massive, so monumental, and so long-lasting is a thing that has always made me proud.

I’m proud to be their descendants. They, the one who has built something that can withstand 1300 years of test of time, something that can be touched by the barehands of their descendants, and something that can be recognized by the world as World’s Heritage.

It’s simple my Ancestors Pride.


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