Why Does Israel Exist?

Overtaking parts of a sovereign countries, Israel is like a cancer in middle east, ostensibly there to stay forever, helped by military and financial might of USA, and kept alive by the ignorance of the fat boys that rule arab lands.
Palestine, the country and people it took has been fighting forever to reclaim the land stolen by the western imperial bastards and given freely to their religious arch-enemy: Son of Israel, The Heathen Jews.
It’s a conflict none but God seems able to resolve. It’s a conflict that has been everlasting and will go on forever.
Is it?
Why Does Israel Exist?
To give the biblical promised home to the son of Isaac? Or to give an unstable element in right in the middle of the rich, previously glorius Islamic Empire, arab lands so that their glory will not rise and outshine the churches once more?
Is the war between Hisbullah and Israel the war between the oppressed and the oppresor?
Or is it a faux staged by american oil barons, arab emirs, and jews capitalists to forever hover oil price?
Is it an effort made by USA to keep middle east unstable, so that it can forever put its armies on arab lands?
Is it an effor made by Iran’s Mullahs to purge Israel out of arab land so that they can forever hold claims to become the true Islam and not the sunnis?
Alas, this poor soul has no definitive answer extracted out of scientific methods, so this poor soul has nothing but conspiracy theories made by vivid imaginations.
One thing for sure: in earth, at any times, war always put out the best and the worst of humanity.
Choose wisely which one you prefer.


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