Song of End of Times: Verse of Questions

Do all of you see are truths?
Of all you are taught with
Never you consider others?

Yawn at the words of others now
On your own heart
Uplift your sanity
Reach outside

Sever your ties
Anguishes are not answers
Never you see
Inside it all
They play with words
Yet to be purified

Sought with love
Enter clean
Erase the doubts
Keenly, travel the paths of the veileds

Trapped are the sanity
Heed, all say the same
End their words, end your own subjugation

Quietly, they implant hatred
Unknowingly, lies become truths
Erase your doubts
Strangle your hesitations
Try novelties
Intimate yourself
Onward you must walk
Now forward, but never lose yourself
Soon, you will be healed

All is seeking to be purified
Nigh is the time of revelation
Seventy Scores of Decades
Wall of their teachings stands
Erect your bravery
Rid off your chains
Seek New!!


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