Words of Preachers

Some Arab Islam’s clerics say that it is virtous deeds to spill the blood of the jews.
“Kill Them! They Are Your Enemies!!”
Some Israel Jewish clerics say that it is virtous deeds to kill the woman and children of Palestinians.
“Every breaths of their children will hurt our children!”

It is apparent that these words of the preachers, give high moral boosts to those arch-enemies fighting for that piece of land where Jerussalem stands.
So, if rockets fall on innocent Lebanese houses, don’t just blame the soldiers, blame the rabbies too.
If rockets fall on innocent Israel markets, don’t just blame the hisbullahs, blame the clerics too.

Preachers perhaps are the biggest and worst reasons why there are so many bloodsheds on the face of this blessed planet called Earth.

When God was about to create Adam, He was asked by the angels “Why are you creating a creature that will shed the blood of his own brothers?”
God simply answers “I know more than you all!”

God, why do you let this happen?
Are we condemned because our preachers condemn each others?
Or are we condemned because we cannot stop those religiously honourable men bickerings?

Preachers. Once a while, a preacher comes and make the world a better place, but more often the world are made worst because of them.

So, will you still believe your preachers?


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