Trek of Fate

I went to Bandung today, in a rather spontaneus whim, riding in a car driven by my mother’s business aide. My original intention was to take as many pictures as possible using my new Canon Powershot A700 (a.k.a Cammy NX). But it then ended with a movie-watching-date with Lumina, and straight back home afterward.
Really, when I think about it, with twice losing directions and no updated memories about Bandung, it is quite fateful that I was able to catch the very beginning of Superman Returns right when I put my butt on the cinema seat.
All in a very impulsive and guts-feeling-relying chain of decision makings, how fateful right?

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  1. Lumina said:

    Thanx for your treat 🙂 I had a good time. Yeah…the miraculous thing about you is that when I watch a movie with you, we just can’t late and still can see the beginning of the movie no matter how late you are. And that’s neat!Anyway…There’s something that I want to ask you when we watched ‘Superman Returns’. Who is the man who played as Lex Luthor? I kind of remember his face, I just can’t remember in which movie I saw him.

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