The Scorched Beirut: Why Oh Why?

Arabs and Israelis decisions to simply whack each other whenever the need to purge each other out of that tiny piece of land in between Asia and Europe has reached a new height in recent Hezbollah-Israel Defence Forces whackfest. So far, Lebanon (where Hezbollah hides) suffers the consequences of becoming IDF out-of-fear blind rage while Hezbollah (who has become the autocatalyst for the new earthscorching moment) plays hide-and-seeks with rocket-launchers.
Closing to 500 people died so far, mostly children and all those innocent adults from both sexes (and mostly Arabians).
For Israel, the “Summer Rain” of metals and sulphurs are their only way to protect their existence. For Hezbollah, their firey spears are made to strike the God’s Cursed and fulfilling the prophecy that one day, even stones will show where a son of Israel hides and they will be thoroughly decimated.
Decimation, such a simple word, such a simple mean of problem solving. Annihilate the annoyance, and so there will be peace. Well, if the annoyance is a fly or a mosquito, you can swat them, but if the annoyances are humans, there bounds to be complications. Complications such as religious zealots screaming revenges, political leaders looking to gain images by either supporting the massacres ( politicians are not known for their common senses) or cursing it, and people of the world feel “what the?” over the whole whole mess.
And what a mess this recent energy wasting outings have been. Fire are let loose, booming explosions are traumatizing, and Buildings are turned to junks of stones, steels, and pulped meat. People are turned into animals (hey, what to call mobile bioligical mass moving solely on instinct anything but animals?) or treated like animals (just another ….) trapped in the frenzies.
And the world has gone “what the?” indeed. Blogosphere are abuzz with this recent entropy unleashing events. Left, right, christians, moslems, jews, politics, peacelovers, and even mommies arefilling up their webspaces by words inspired by Israel’s (and yours truly have joint in the craze with this very posting). Many turned from “what the?” into “Support [insert either parties here]!” or “Peace, yo!”
Yours truly are turning from “what the?” into “just stop it, will ya!?”

Let’s start with the root of the problems: Biblical Promises that God will give Abraham’s Children the Land of Israel and Quranic promises that “the people that had killed many of the prophets sent to them will be utterly annihilated!”
Both have been long become self-fulfilling prophecies and are the bases of what both Moslems and Jews Clerics have taught their disciples. And boy, let me tell you, that it is against common sense that religions taught to obliterate others when they also taught to liberate others. Or religions are God’s way of filtering humans?

I am a moslem. Yeah, that’s right, I suppose to be supporting the fact that the prophechy that says “the people that had killed many of the prophets sent to them will be utterly annihilated!” is true. But I don’t think it must be a self-fulfilling prophecy. I am thinking in the mind that someday, Jews will go too far , and the world will unite in obliterating them. (yeah, the prophets killing people are the Jews, hey, they even tried to kill Jesus, eh?) Yours truly have enought with revengeful words thrown together with religious sayings. I believe that all moslems world must unite in promoting peace (without the guns) and spreading the peaceful core principals of Mohammad’s Teaching. Only then, if we have all truly, honestly,smartly, and thoroughly spreading peace, and the Jews still wish to do silly things to us with their missiles, then we can obliterate them.

But why wish to obliterate others when you can expect them to help you shape a better world?

And I have fears that even when the earth surface is filled with gamma radiations and we are far and in between, and sick and traumatized, some of us will still try to obliterate others.


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