Song of End of Times: The Verse of Forgiveness

Beneath the facade
Enter the lustful thought
Hear the whispers
O! What a lure
Lies take you
Desires overcame you

Time again you fell
Hands on the darkness
Enter the faults

Never you see?
Errors are made to better you
Villains are born to separate lights from darkness
Erupt your consciousness
Reap the benefits of forgiveness

Enlightening in every corners
Now or then, now or will be
Desires can lure you too
Into His forgiveness you can return
Neglect the world you will do
Gain wisdom you have to do

Soon the world will be dark
Anxiety will rule your heart
Venoms will become foods
Into His Words you must turn to
Overlord of All Truths
Redeemer of All Faults


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