Monthly Archives: August 2006

Another internet blackout happened to me. This meant no conventional, at home blogging can happen. This also meant that my forex trading was uncontrollable. Calls to the costumer support is made, but none picked them up.


I hate internet black out


Well, Kurau Field Trip X has been the shortest one yet, with one day travelling into, half day working, and one day travelling back home. That one day of work was spent on assisting a rig inspector in investigation regarding the broken mast of a drilling rig. That’s it.

It is somehow introduced by someone able to convince people that it is needed by everyone but in reality it is something that could make things get complicated and unnecessary. Ah, if only the general people of the past could nullify the egoistic hypocricy of some lustful men, we may be able to live in harmony and simplicity by now. We may be able to exchange things peacefully so that we all can get what we need without disrupting others needs and without resorting to war.

Well, you can say that this thought is hypocritic utopia, but you’ll be hypocritic if you don’t share this thought. Nuff said, or it will be complex.