The Real World Today…Is Getting Unreal

There are now more overweight people in the world than hungry ones, experts say. Wow, I say. So, there are more people doubling themselves than people who are starving each and every day. Isn’t this the EXACT reason to share?

About the war between Israel Defense Force and Hezbollah, this could be the igniter for next war-of-words between the jews pets and short-fused arabs.

The Statistics:

Lebanon deaths:
About 1,000 – mostly civilians
No precise data on Hezbollah dead
Israeli deaths:
Soldiers: 114 (IDF)
Civilians: 43 (IDF)

Lebanon displaced:
700,000 – 900,000 (UNHCR; Lebanese govt)
Israeli displaced:
500,000 (Human Rights Watch)
Lebanon damage:
$2.5bn (Lebanese govt)
Israel damage:
$1.1bn (Israeli govt)

and sadly, like any other lies-propelled war, the statistics will be statistics only, and will not serve as true, heart-felt reminder of future war loving, lies spreading, self-appointed, minority supported leaders.

Do you know that intel (the one who gives you the long-lived and now dying Pentium) is investing so much in Israel? Do you know that many american billionaires are investing heavily in Israel? Do you know that L’oreal was once fined by US Government for stating that “they will not do business in Israel” ? Do you know why conglomerates are even thinking of investing so much in this tiny, unstable, and not-recognized-by-many land? Really, Libya is far more peaceful than Israel, but nos many invest there. The real reason I can think of is the possibility that Zionists threaten them by possibility of plunging their intangible assets using legal and mass-media manipulative powers.

Search for the facts, and you will know why USA looks like an obedient fool bodyguard for Israel: it is protecting the investments of so many of its leaders “fund -givers”

And you, USA citizens and taxpayers, your money are being used to slaughter humans everyday, why don’t you do something about it, eh?

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says a new Middle East has emerged as a result of what he called Hezbollah’s victory over Israel in southern Lebanon. Meanwhile, the presidents of US and Iran have blamed each other for fuelling the crisis.US President George W Bush accused Iran of backing armed groups in Lebanon and Iraq “in the hope of stopping democracy from taking hold”. Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad blamed Washington for providing Israel with weapons which he said had been used to target women and children in Lebanon.

Now, you can now believe, based on his previous words, that dubya is speaking garbages whenever he speaks about democracy and the war on terror. Ahmadenijad, on the other hands, speak the truth that dubya has been supplying IDF with weapons used to demolish lives of thousand of innocent people in southern Lebanon.

And oh, do you know that the “terror alert” given last week in UK happened after poundsterling is pummeling dollar? Really, if was not for that terror alert, poundsterling (together with other currencies), will soon make dollar worthless.

I want to take neutral stand, I really do. But Israel…so many lies and coercings are used to justify its existence, I believe that it is there to serve as haven of lies only.

Like cool writer Ken said: oil barons and death dealers are the most profiting people right now.

And you, USA citizens and taxpayers, your money are being used to slaughter humans everyday, why don’t you do something about it, eh?


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