Democracy is moving in full force here in Indonesia: we have President
directly voted by people, Governors and Mayors are directly elected by
people. We even select the next batch of celebrities by the use of
votings, a la American Idol. And so far, the trend is conclusive:
Indonesian people tend to go for packaging then the quality.

The results of our practiced Democracy? An everyday question: “Gee, why
did I chose that loser in the firt place?”

That above self-introspective question applied to those who have chosen
the ever-doubtful SBY as President or those who have chosen their
favorites sms-based celebrities wannabe in those “who wannabe celebrities”
events. With their lack of qualities apparent when they are out of their
promotional packagings, satisfactions are far-cry from expectations.

So, in the end, Democracy is not a solution for people selection here in
Indonesia. Not when people tend to go for packagings then the actual
inherent-qualities of the candidates.


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