Kurau Field Trip XII – Day 1

It was saturday, and I was ordered to go to Kurau Field on SUNDAY!! So, I thanked God that Telkom Speedy (my ISP) connection was running good so I can open up my office e-mail Online Web Access (a good feature of MS Exchange) and dealed with the Transportation Supervisor and other related personnel regarding my departure. Two hours later, a travel agent called me and saying that my ticket was ready to be picked up at my office. Two hours later, I took the ticket.
Sunday. I took the plane and landed safely on Sutan Syarif Kasim II Airport, Pekanbaru, Riau. I have been readying myself in case there were no one to transport me to Kurau from there. Praise Lord, a regular crew transportation officer showed up and told me that the Ford Everest was ready, but I still need to wait for an “unspecified drilling cargo”. Geh.
An hour later, we departed. After 2 hours of travel, 30 minutes stop for lunch, another 2 hours of travel, 30 minutes of boat waiting, and 30 minutes of jet boat riding, I arrived at Kurau.
One hour later, I am already in a meeting, discussing about the long disputed Field Factor. Basically, it is a number derived from Total Production of Fields (measured by our field personnel) and Total Flow Received by Storage Vessel. It has been rising lately, and Upper Management think that something is wrong.
Things have been wrong, and my team is on chasing it.


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