Nurtured by Lies

I am one of those people around you who happens to be reading a lot. My favourites are writings who tries to convince people that they are telling conspiracies that have been happening in the background of civilizatiions since the start of recorded history. Although many of them can be considered “bombastic imaginations”, but they are telling stories that have similar ingredients: lies and energies spent to make them humanity’s truths.

Da Vinci Code is one example. Another are Zachariah Sicthin’s works. More recently, Michael Chricton’s.

Chricton’s speech, that can be seen on his website tell insights on how lies have been able to be made to creep into civilization’s mind and be made global decisive factors. A more recent and popular examples would be 9/11. A factor so deeply implanted into the mind of the waning europeans and the lost americans that have made them say “yes” to clear and present examples of invasion to sovereignities.

In the past, many were nurtured by their parents with the tales of Gods and evil demons that will claim lives if not pleased. Today we are nurtured by tales of creeping terrorist islam, need for insurances, and global economy that is supported by bulls (a.k.a lies) inflating nominal prices of pieces of imaginary treasures.

As I make this entry, I am currently exhausted by lists of things that could have been lies all along. One of them is the concept of religions.

Religions are “sets of beliefs that make you able to believe ideas that can’t be scientifically proven”. God is one clear example of ideas that can’t be scientifically proven, directly. Islam teaches that God’s existence can be proven from looking at the universe, the supposed creations of Him. It makes sense. But please note that it makes sense to me, one man who has been implanted by this idea since my first days of becoming self-aware, so you can debate it.

Looking at the current state of the world, religions seem to be the reason why soldiers are throwing around hot leads. But it still a possibility, and still not the real thing, scientifically. Statistically, capitals are the real reason for modern era wars. But still, statistics effectiveness, efficiencies, and degree of truths are still open for debate.

Lets face it, it is possible that lies are the ones who nurture the majority of this world, not truths. But it still a possibility, and I am, grown by the set of beliefs implanted on my mind, still hoping that it is truth, not lie, which support the majority of the growth of civilizations.

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