Kurau Field Trip XII – Day 1-2

The time to visit my company’s area of operation has come again. This time, I have to do things that are handovers from other engineers. First, a well completion that will be handed over from a drilling operation. This started with removing the drilling-caused mud-cake layers deposited in front of hydrocarbon containing sub-terranean formations. Another is supervision job to watch over a completion and production testing of a high-temperature high-pressure well. Last (yet) is a water-dominated high-paraffinic well stimulation using combination of paraffinic solvent and surfactant, both dissolved in diesel fuel.
The first job, completion, has been estimated to be delayed for two days. It was scheduled to be performed in Saturday, but rig malfunction and downhole problems have caused estimated 2 days of delays. The second job was also delayed due to the inability of slickline operators to pull out an RZG plug downhole, causing the whole completion string to be pulled, reassembled, and reinstalled. This causes estimated 3 days of delays. The last job can only be performed using tools and equipments that are still used by these 2 delayed jobs, causing it to be delayed for at least two weeks. If in the next two weeks both of the previous jobs were not completed, the third job will not be performed by me.
IF all of the jobs above were delayed by a week or so, I will ask my boss to go home. My presence here will be time wasting. Not on my side though, since I will be properly fed, clothed, housed, and paid during my field duties.
Anyways….while waiting for the current delayed jobs, I have done a laboratory job. And since the lab is small and already filled with an analyst, a junior engineer performing experiements on emulsion breakers and reverse-emulsion breaker, and an intern analyst performing various analysis, the equipments required are all used by them, causing me to do only basic stuffs with what’s left of the equipments. The much sophisticated lab jobs must be delayed.
Delays seem to be the theme of my field trip this time…


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