Religion and Economy

It just occured to me that religions and money have been walking along side-by-side. Two of the world’s major religons, Christianism and Islam were spread by tradings. Christianity was spread by trading and colonization, while Islam was spread by trading and teaching to commonsfolk. And India has the most religious sects and beliefs that thrives by teaching love and peace and at the same time receiving a lot of donations, the same with religions all over the world.

So, why there are still poor people all around the world that has nothing but God with them in their heart? Is religious prosperity can only be owned by the hypocritic, God-calling capitalists or the pretexting priests?

Money is the source of frictions between religions because no matter how much peace and love they teach, the fear of losing capitals make them unable to give up their beliefs, no matter how old, dysfunctional, and illogical it is. There’s alos the inherent arrogance to accept that what they have been believing for their life are wrong and tainted so much with lies and forgeries.

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