The Departed

With this, I hereby declared Mark Wahlberg has joint my pantheon of Top Notch actors together with Willem Dafoe, Steve Buschemy, and Johnny Depp.

Leonardo DiCaprio needs to do a Tim Burton movie before they can join them.

Man, foul-mouthed Dignam is the single most interesting character in the movie. He mercilessly precondition poor Billy Costigan with everything he got till the aspiring cadets gave up his dreams and submit to the foulmouthed sergeant desire. He then blatantly challenged the rising star that is Colin Sullivan to force him to open the undercover agents files which he stubbornly defended and preferred to turn down his badge then hand them. He went on foulmouthing reasons into the cracking Billy Costigan so that the poor agent can continue doing his job nicely. He even put ice on the double-faced Colin Sullivan’s guts during the movie turning point event, letting his foulmouth run loose so that the mole can be identified sooner.

And one final act has him put plug in the final hole of series of events of the movie, making his character is the single most questionable character in the movie: is he truly a geniune cop who uses his foulmouth so that no one will use him? Is he a Costello guy pulling strings so that Costello can be killed and he take over? Who gives him the clue of Colin’s true nature: himself or the double-pleasuring lady?

Mark Wahlberg. Just give him a movie about gangster and he will make the movie attains its perfect taste.


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