Monthly Archives: November 2006

The Dick Pope visited a mosque in Turkey “to mend relation with moslem”.

Okay, here’s my take:

1. Do the dick now confess that he was insulting moslem and needs to “make amend” now ?

2. Turkey is NOT a moslem country. Its Islam is low-class secular Islam even compared to Indonesia’s moderate and diverse moslem communities. A jewish slave overturned the weeny Ottoman Turkey, the last now dead pre-petrodollar Islamic Monarch and turned it into a secular country. This country have always eager to be known as Europe Guy, but those white holocaust lickers are not convinced since Turkey have “Islam” on their label. A word or two from the primo vatican fascist religio-monarch gay could make europe rethink their recurring rebuttals.

3. Man, this must be the ugliest, most imported-from-hell face any pope has ever donned:

and now for your considerations:

The protest outside was linked to an Islamist-nationalist party, which said the pontiff’s tour was an affront to the secularism enshrined in Turkey’s constitution, as well as an attempt to stake a Catholic claim to the site.

Monarch-wannabe religious structure is a decaying relic from the past, agree? AGREE !! Answering otherwise will make your own head spins because of illogics.


Huehehehehehe, how many of you Indonesians can cut of US$ 70 from a Toshiba Satellite A105 53051 with 1024 MB of RAM and 100 GB of hard disk and purchase it for lower than US$ 1300? I ask Indonesians, not you, Yankees, with your lower-for-200-bucks laptops, pfft !!

Pheww..another major IT shopping day for me…and I’m beat and overheated…man, this is supposed to be a rainy season in Indonesia, but rains seems not so eager to come as in the first two weeks of this month. Just cloud and cloud and more clouds, making the day hotter and more uncertain…

Well, it is easier to blame someone else for your loses than yourself, like what have been done by the 21st century political protusion of the oil suckers, dubya.

“There’s a lot of sectarian violence taking place, fomented in my opinion because of the attacks by al Qaeda, causing people to seek reprisal,” he said.

Okay, you forgot that you have ordered more than 100,000 to occupy Iraq and “ascertain comfortable conditions for oil suckers and their slaves”
You also forgot that your pal at the Republican (some of them even shiver now when called as your friends) have been grinded out of parliament houses recently because of your stubbornness to withdraw from Iraq.

Well, I simply cannot believe that those “sophisticated albino” chose you as their president. You are stubborn idiot with wrongly placed pride and uncontrollable greed !!

Finally, after an extended tour of duty, I’m home.

Home, and ready to do some turn-to-reality-dream-converting projects postoponed by the tour of duty, mainly this comic and several other comic projects currently residing on my brain (there are at least 3 more stories waiting to be unleashed)

Several new photos (with print offers) can be seen on my online art gallery. There are two very beautiful cloud pictures that is ready to be printed.

Phew…better take some breakfast and then get those ideas poured out into papers.