Singapore is a small country with big money and highly advanced money sucker who has been boasting good governance and clean law with anti-corruption index of 9.4 (with 10 for no corruption at all). Investments are coming everyday with businessmen spending their money on luxurious  transportations and accommodations available all over Singapore. It is a haven for money planter.


And it is a haven for Indonesian money robbers, BIG TIME MONEY ROBBERS.


Indonesia has been known (and seems don’t care about it) for being one of the most corrupt countries on the face of The Earth. Corruptions run rampant here and in every parts of life. The accumulation of corrupt traditions have even make corruptors, who has the most money in Indonesia, looked up as honorable men because of their money.


These honorable men leech money from Indonesia and invest it in Singapore. They even change their citizenship so that they can be regarded as Singaporean.


One benefit of becoming Singaporeans is the fact that Singapore has no extradition agreements with Indonesia. This make no one in Indonesia able to force them, legally, to return to Indonesia with the money the have leeched.



So, you have convinced a general to force bankers to give you US$ 200,000,000 for a project that you know is only an illusion de grandeur, then you runaway to Singapore and become a Singaporean.

You have made yourself an honorable man because you make Singapore richer and you can feed some Indonesia military generals and high-positioned politicians.

You have become a part of Singapore Paradox: One face is Clean Country and One Face is Leeches Haven.


I guess the real foundation of Singaporean Law is MONEY, no matter how they get it.

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