Death to Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein is punished with death sentence. I wonder if any chaps from Amnesty International will do their best to against it. And I’m now wondering that this sentence is in the similar time-frame as with USA mid-terms election. Seeing that Republican is losing ground and Democrat has not seized the day yet, this move can be seen as Vote-Getting in the expense of a nation. Typical Uber-Sucker America.

  1. Ken G. said:

    Yes, Amnesty Int’l has made a stand against the Saddam verdict. Both the sentence, and the trial itself.As to whether or not the timing of the verdict has anything to do with Tuesday’s election, I can only say that it’s one heck of a coincidence.

  2. I’m sure the Republican Party wished they were that powerful. The fact is that things do happen in the world – even in Iraq – which cannot be explained away as the fruit of right-wing political conspiracies.

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