Losing Faith a.k.a Kurau Field Trip something day 2

Plenty of people said that the company I work with has so many corruptions and  collutions on top and behind that it is better to stay as a regular employees than becoming managers. One of the seniors even said that the owners sometimes forcing the usage of an obsolete drilling rigs, being aware that the rigs could give potential problems.
And here I am, working on the field, right on the battelfied where collusions and corruptions wage. Two imaginary objects being played by money suckers who think common folks are nothing but pawns and sacrificial lambs.
It is making me wondering: Should I go with the mainstreams and soaked myself in dirts and advance forward using simple brutal force of cunnings and double-faces, or simply becoming simple parasite who suck money legally and calmly and transfer it to something else, something that  I have always loved to do?
I think the second option is better for me. It will give me less headache. Less money, sure, but less headache and less nerve-breaking situations. And I do enjoying my other life better than my “mainstream” life.
And wow, I thing I just went philosophical and hatched this on my mind “Nothing is Real until Everyone Says So”


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