Kurau Field Trip something – Day 9

Well, basically, I was waiting someone elses working on putting on the downhole pump, Electric Submersible Pump, and the wellhed.
So, all day long I was bored to death doing nothing.
Well, something did happened. I came to the main office in the morning and found an IT technician had been installing a new, 17″ CRT monitor equipped PC set. Whoopie. So I tried it on, and realized that the data on the old PC had not been copied to this one. So I made some paperwork, requesting the old data to be moved. When I asked a manager for an approval signature (my manager is in Jakarta, so I need to find someone else’s manager for approvals), he realized that my new PC was in fact his old PC, containing his confidential data (hmmm……….wonder what could those be…) and requested an immediate return of his old PC to his office. He also told me that he had ordered three new PCs (with LCDs), and one of them will be put into my field office.
So I was expected to be content with my 4 years old PC with its rumbling noised harddisk and obsoled CD Drive and busted (a.k.a disfunctional) USB ports.
Anyhow, just a reminder, this world grows and rotates while fueled by LIES. See Ya!


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