Cool Pope? No, Coward Pope Still

The Dick Pope visited a mosque in Turkey “to mend relation with moslem”.

Okay, here’s my take:

1. Do the dick now confess that he was insulting moslem and needs to “make amend” now ?

2. Turkey is NOT a moslem country. Its Islam is low-class secular Islam even compared to Indonesia’s moderate and diverse moslem communities. A jewish slave overturned the weeny Ottoman Turkey, the last now dead pre-petrodollar Islamic Monarch and turned it into a secular country. This country have always eager to be known as Europe Guy, but those white holocaust lickers are not convinced since Turkey have “Islam” on their label. A word or two from the primo vatican fascist religio-monarch gay could make europe rethink their recurring rebuttals.

3. Man, this must be the ugliest, most imported-from-hell face any pope has ever donned:

and now for your considerations:

The protest outside was linked to an Islamist-nationalist party, which said the pontiff’s tour was an affront to the secularism enshrined in Turkey’s constitution, as well as an attempt to stake a Catholic claim to the site.

Monarch-wannabe religious structure is a decaying relic from the past, agree? AGREE !! Answering otherwise will make your own head spins because of illogics.


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