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Wow, a post for three days in a row, something must have happened to me, right? RIGHT !!!!


I was stranded for one night and one day on a remote part of the same Island I wrote this post. I, as always, supervise a bunch of slickline personnel running a tool called EMR (Electric Memory Recorder) using strong, tough, resilient kind of wire into a wellbore of a well. And as usual, a job which supposed to be able to be ran in less than 9 hours turned out have to be ran for 18 hours. Well, this kind of things are so common in the petroleum industry that probable delays must be made mentally inside your brain whenever you see a schedule for a project. Any schedules, any projects.


And I missed Iedul Adha ceremony and prayer!! Damn, for perhaps 20 years, I have never missed this ceremony, even when I was in college and have to brace little down-pouring rain. This really set the bad mood and help lessen my concentration which have been reduced by sleeping intermittently on a rattan chair and frequent 100 meter walking from and to the job location for the duration of the job.


And yeah, I missed AD new year celebration, but not so big deal for. I missed it because I was sleeping deeply from too much tiredness. And as I was writing this stuff, I can still feel the creeping pain all over my body. And the pain gets stronger whenever I think of returning to the job site. And I do have to return to the job site for optimization and watching the shutdown of the well.


Anyway, Happy New Year 2007. Just beware that this is the Year of The Pig, people will be brutal, eats anything, getting fat for themselves, only to be slaughtered later in life. And this is the year those bible worshippers think to be the Year of Armageddon. Sign: Ruler of Babylonia was killed by occupants from far land.


See you at devastated 2008 !


You know, life is easier if you know how to simplify things. Just take a look at my two days performing this current tour of duty. Its been a relatively no tension experiences, simply because I know people whom I must supervise were experienced field guys. I just give them the baseline and work-frame, watch the initiation of the job, and then retreat to the cozy portacamp while they perform their stuffs.


And my experiences dictate that a game-loaded laptop is a must have for long and boring supervising jobs, so I pulled out my Toshiba Satellite M105-S3045 (bought with a massive US$70 cut, thanks to my haggling skill), unfold it, connect its umbilical cord to the electric outlet, plug in my ever trusty Aopen WheelMouse O-35G (a wonderful 5 buttons 2 scrolls optical wired mouse that seems to be no longer available in local stores) to the side USB port (this portable baby has 3 side USB ports and one rear USB port, perfect for my need), and turned the baby on.


Clicking on an icon, and I changed myself into virtual god ruling my India in Civilization IV.


Civilization IV is just the right game for this long, boring, supervising job. It is turn-based game (which means you can leave it to give brief guidelines to the crew if necessary), and it can take 6-8 hours to finish a world-conquering game.


And if I got bored with CIV IV, there will always be Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War and Command and Conquer: Generals and CCG:Zero Hour. Yes, these games are old, but they are still fun, and besides, my laptop doesn’t have the graphic power needed to boot current generation of games (I can’t play Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion and Gothic III here)


And if ever got bored with games, there are ripped-off and compressed DVD movies, stored on the 100 gigabytes hard-disk, waiting to be played. See, I’m fully prepared for these last two boring days.



2006 truly is year of the cowards. Cowards who use other people to achieve their goals. Cowards who have nothing but foul, full of lie words. Cowards who scheme and scheme and scheme and delight in schemes that fatten their own lies and delight in schemes that put thousands to deaths. Schemes that blatantly defies logics, but still they want to make it seems logical.

Cowards who delights in terrifying others. Putting fears in others hearts with lies filled with grand illusions. Bombin the common believes of the masses with threats framed by terrifying lies to make ways for their true goals: global capitals domination, global resources domination, and global security domination.

This is a year of total chaos and disinformations. Advances in global internet usage and proliferation of personal weblogs have make true, factual informations in danger of being obscured by lies, manipulation of words, and relentless bombarding from the blind-believers dogmas and accusations. Instead of using weblogs as ways to merge beneficial knowledges and filter out garbages that make majority of world’s biggest pool of informations, some webloggers have promote hates and boost up destructive thinkings. Seen by thousands, these cowards put out their foul words under disguise of unknown names and seek shelters from those other cowards who seeks to conquer information world with their lies and schemes.

2006 truly is a year in which those “selected by the people” have misuse those trusts. Obscenity, Vulgarity, and Obstinance have become their dogmas. With no honors, they steal -in broad daylight and in front of everyboy- from the very people that have put hopes on them. They use their times effectively to collect wealths into their own hands. And they put this outrageous robbery under the shelter of their self-made and self-enriching legislations. Rules are but words, and words are their main weapons, for they are liars and schemers and robbers.

Human is a species with the most destructive weapon of all: Word. Word comes out of logics, and logics can be framed, structured, and built from repeated and merciless indoctrinations and subjugations.

Words that came out of illogic, in the year 2006, have been made as “logical bases” to perform despicable acts of civilization perversions.

2006, years where ultimately, people feels that they are screwed with their pants on.

Work till I’m 30, have no girlfiriend, buy no gadgets, spent only US$ 200 per month, saved a lot of money.
Resign after 30, make comics, novels, and books, living off my savings.

So girls, if you dare, approach me. If not, well, there are more needing boys out there.

Suicidal, naah, its just the remain of my youth not yet trashed, and I mean to keep this one !!