Finally, Some Sense

Kofi Annan, prominent toypiece of USA, and later, dubya, finally shed some sense out of his foul mouth.
I call him a coward still though; his words came out close to his end of duty on December 31st, 2006. Still, even with these words of sensibilities, he is still a loser.

“If I were an average Iraqi, obviously I would make the same comparison, that they had a dictator who was brutal but they had their streets, they could go out, their kids could go to school and come back home without a mother or father worrying: ‘Am I going to see my child again?’


Asked whether the situation in Iraq could now be classified as a civil war, Mr Annan pointed to the level of “killing and bitterness”, and the way forces in Iraq were now ranged against each other.

“A few years ago, when we had the strife in Lebanon and other places, we called that a civil war. This is much worse.

Dubya’s doll?

Mr Rubaie rejected Mr Annan’s comments, asking: “Doesn’t Kofi Annan differentiate between the mass killing of Iraqis by the security and intelligence apparatus of Saddam Hussein and the present indiscriminate killings of civilians, Iraqi civilians, by the al-Qaeda terrorists in Iraq?”

He added: “I’m shocked and stunned by what Kofi Annan alluded to, that the condition was better under the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein.”

There’s different between dictatorship acting stealthily to secure its position and businessmen harvesting from chaos that eats life. The former will feel much safer then the later for the average, ignorant, politic-free persons. The later will eat up everyone on its path.

Just don’t do business with USA anymore, or you’ll be trampled if they think you’re not sucked dry enough.


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