Screwed Up

This is not a good age to be a moslem in Indonesia. The obvious part will be the fact that Indonesia and terrorist-bombings are turning into best friends in the news. And you know lah, nowadays, terrorist almost rape-rhymed with moslems, like the great Hitler once said “Truth is lies multiplied by hundreds”

But let me tell you why I feel like shit lately: one prominent millionaire moslem cleric married a widow with 3 children. His first wife, a reguler not so pretty woman, already gives him seven children. This prominent cleric, whose preaches can even be accepted by non-moslems, have been labelled as “the last example of premium moslem man” before the revelation that he married this widow. My point is, in the even of this “last premium example of a religious figure” showed a taint that’s so devastating, what can be made as examples for the common moslems?

There is a story that this widow he married was in fact a woman he promised to find a mate for her. Well, he couldn’t find it, so he took her himself instead. What keeps him from taking similar route later in the future?

And what if her wife asks him to divorce her, become a widow herself, and other man takes her as second wife? Will he be feeling “oh shit, so this is what if feels like…” ?

let’s see the options: Politic-tainted clerics? Ex-convicts turned preachers? Artists turned preachers? Men, you gotta live in Indonesia to see that there is no more mass-accepted examples of moslem clerics here in Indonesia.

Indonesian moslems, we’re screwed.

Another ugly news come from Indonesian House of Representatives. One of the members of this supposed-to-be-honorable-but-is-a-lair-of-corruptions-and-filthy-deeds was caught on a publicly cellphone-to-cellphone circulating sex-video. Well, I am not so surprised with this one, being a member of a house of scums, it can be expected. What adds insults-to-injuries is the fact that the man is a member of his party religious section. And he is a moslem.

Go figures. We have one untrustable cleric, and we have a religious section’s member of a party went dicking women freely.

We’re screwed, with our pants on.


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