Kurau Field Trip – End of Year Tour of Duty – Day 01 and 02

You know, life is easier if you know how to simplify things. Just take a look at my two days performing this current tour of duty. Its been a relatively no tension experiences, simply because I know people whom I must supervise were experienced field guys. I just give them the baseline and work-frame, watch the initiation of the job, and then retreat to the cozy portacamp while they perform their stuffs.


And my experiences dictate that a game-loaded laptop is a must have for long and boring supervising jobs, so I pulled out my Toshiba Satellite M105-S3045 (bought with a massive US$70 cut, thanks to my haggling skill), unfold it, connect its umbilical cord to the electric outlet, plug in my ever trusty Aopen WheelMouse O-35G (a wonderful 5 buttons 2 scrolls optical wired mouse that seems to be no longer available in local stores) to the side USB port (this portable baby has 3 side USB ports and one rear USB port, perfect for my need), and turned the baby on.


Clicking on an icon, and I changed myself into virtual god ruling my India in Civilization IV.


Civilization IV is just the right game for this long, boring, supervising job. It is turn-based game (which means you can leave it to give brief guidelines to the crew if necessary), and it can take 6-8 hours to finish a world-conquering game.


And if I got bored with CIV IV, there will always be Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War and Command and Conquer: Generals and CCG:Zero Hour. Yes, these games are old, but they are still fun, and besides, my laptop doesn’t have the graphic power needed to boot current generation of games (I can’t play Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion and Gothic III here)


And if ever got bored with games, there are ripped-off and compressed DVD movies, stored on the 100 gigabytes hard-disk, waiting to be played. See, I’m fully prepared for these last two boring days.



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