Kurau Field Trip New Year Eve – day 3,4, and 5

Wow, a post for three days in a row, something must have happened to me, right? RIGHT !!!!


I was stranded for one night and one day on a remote part of the same Island I wrote this post. I, as always, supervise a bunch of slickline personnel running a tool called EMR (Electric Memory Recorder) using strong, tough, resilient kind of wire into a wellbore of a well. And as usual, a job which supposed to be able to be ran in less than 9 hours turned out have to be ran for 18 hours. Well, this kind of things are so common in the petroleum industry that probable delays must be made mentally inside your brain whenever you see a schedule for a project. Any schedules, any projects.


And I missed Iedul Adha ceremony and prayer!! Damn, for perhaps 20 years, I have never missed this ceremony, even when I was in college and have to brace little down-pouring rain. This really set the bad mood and help lessen my concentration which have been reduced by sleeping intermittently on a rattan chair and frequent 100 meter walking from and to the job location for the duration of the job.


And yeah, I missed AD new year celebration, but not so big deal for. I missed it because I was sleeping deeply from too much tiredness. And as I was writing this stuff, I can still feel the creeping pain all over my body. And the pain gets stronger whenever I think of returning to the job site. And I do have to return to the job site for optimization and watching the shutdown of the well.


Anyway, Happy New Year 2007. Just beware that this is the Year of The Pig, people will be brutal, eats anything, getting fat for themselves, only to be slaughtered later in life. And this is the year those bible worshippers think to be the Year of Armageddon. Sign: Ruler of Babylonia was killed by occupants from far land.


See you at devastated 2008 !


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