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In a solitary night, when the cold wind blows the window,

I want to warm my frozen heart,

By replaying that summer.

Playing at the beach, you were enjoying it!

The video of memories of we two,

I am watching alone.



While you were a little shy,

you whispered ‘I love you’

Your face of liar was blurred

with the color of tears



You make me painful! Sorry to be like this

But even now I am reserving my feelings.

If everything about us is inside this light

Can I still rewind to that day?



Both my hands full of memories I had believed

I count and count them,

But I can’t surpass my little finger.



Be at my side, tell me it’s not true

And embrace my heart.

If everything about us has completely vanished

Right now, I want to rewind to that day



You make me painful! Sorry to be like this

Even now I am reserving my feelings.

If everything about us has completely vanished

Right now I want to rewind to that day


(translated from Ano Hi Ni,  a song sung by Kimura Maki. This song is also ending song for Video Girl Ai anime series)


Original lyrics:


Tsumetai kaze ga mado o nagasu no samishii yoru

Kogoeru mune  atatametakute

Ripurei ano natsu o

Namiuchigiwa de odokeru anata tanoshisou yo

Hutari dake no omoide no bideo

Hitori de nagamete iru no


Sukoshi  terenagara suki da yo to


Usotsuki no anata no kao namida iro de



Anata setsunai yo gomen ne konna ni

Ima mo omoi wo nokoshiteru

Hutari no subete wa  kono hikari no naka naraba

Mada maki-modoseru no ano hi ni


Ryoute ippai no  omoide o  shinjite ita

Kurikaeshite  kazoeru kedo

Koyubi kara susumenai no


Anata soba ni ite soshite uso da yo to

Itte kokoro wo dakishimete

Hutari no subete ga kiete shimau nara

Ima sugu ni maki modoshitai ano hi ni


Anata setsunai yo  gomen ne konna ni

Ima mo omoi wo nokoshiteru

Hutari no subete ga  kiete shimau nara

Ima sugu ni maki modoshitai ano hi ni


It’s borderline miracle that I am inspired to search for this song after I heard its wonderful and signature opening sequence being used as someone’s cellphone’s ringtone.

This is one of the first j-pop song I heard back then at 1998 when I joint UKJ, and have captured my heart ever since because of its singer melancholic way of singing this soft song.



It feels like a normal day in January. Woke up with sore throat and runny nose, and slight neural discoordination, but two glasses of filtered-ozonized-water done nicely to  fully wake me up and pump the blood. It’s 3.30 am, and its time for Isya and Tahajjud prayers. Urinated, washed the bird, and poured out some Wudhu. Cold water splashed my face and limbs, giving my skin some neural impulses and activate more segments of my brain. Then came the prayers, the ways for more meditatation, blood pumping, and brain segments activation (try Moslem’s prayers if you think Buddhist meditations and all that yoga craps waste too much of your time. It took less than 10 minutes and it’s definitely not using crazy discontortioning moves).


And I went to sleep again. Darn stubborn bacteria !!


15 to 5, I woke up. Slightly refreshed. I could feel my immunity system were fighting off those nasty and sneaky bacteria who got the best of me when that darn mutating influenza virus were attacking me last week. Felt the sore throat again. Coughed some nasty coughs and spit out some viscous, greenish mucus out. Good. Those white cells had been doing their best.


 15 minutes were the only time I had to open Opera 9.10 and read those offline instant messages. Not enough, but oh, time is so limited. So I unplugged Toshi and put her into my backpack.


Next came the breakfast. Rice, chicken soup, and one piece of boiled egg. Enough protein to keep my white cells coming. Drink two more glasses of water.


Well, what happened next is routine. What comes in must comes out and some dead skin cells washing.


Then the clothing on and shoes putting and stuff pocketing.


Then off I went, chasing Metromini S62 and having another long hour sitting on plastic bench and breathing some smog. Then I dropped myself off on a bus stop and took Metromini S640 and still able to have a seat.


Then I dropped at another bus stop and walked some good walk to Wisma Mulia. Past through the glass automatic door and got my bag checked by that bipping flat bat. It both went green and red at the same time. Oh well, whatever, It’s just a routine derived by fear for made-believe terrorists.


Took the elevator to floor 31 without going to floor 4, 14, and 24 (Chinese superstitions…go figure), greeted the security/receptionist guy, and went to greet the urinoir (those white cells have been moving actively, forcing blood to flow to my kidney faster and thus the visit).


Then went to my chair, greeted everybody, and then seated and opened my bag.


There was Toshi, but her umbilical chord is missing. Darn, I forgot to unplug the metal and plastic chord. Time to do some diplomacy.


Got the umbilical chord from a friend. Burn some zipped comics to two DVDs.


Got call from John saying that he brought over the comic which’s cover I colored  and ready to hand it to me. So I went down to the main lobby and greeted him and took the comic.


And so my life went on.



A few years ago, Prime Minister Mori was given some Basic English conversation training before he visits Washington and meets president Bill Clinton…

The instructor told Mori "Prime Minister, when you shake hand with President Clinton, please
say ‘how are you’. Then Mr. Clinton should say," I’m fine, and you?"  Now you should say ‘ me too’.  Afterwards we, translators, will do all the work for you."


It looks quite simple, but the truth is…

When Mori met Clinton , he mistakenly said "Who Are You?" instead of "How are you".

Mr. Clinton was a bit shocked but still managed to react with humor: "Well, I’m Hilary’s
husband, ha-ha….

Then Mori replied "Me too, ha-ha…" Then there was a long silence in the meeting room….



I think my country needs to be nuked and then stripped from military so that it can be as advanced as Land of Rising Sun now.

Oh yeah, then strip all English lessons in schools and invade a neighbouring asian country….oh well, Singapore will do !!

DEVI, Sang Ratu Kehendak Birahi (The Queen of Lusty Will) working under Bala Kehendak Jahat (Scourge of The Willpower of Evil) lead by H Sang Pemimpin (H The Leader).

Her real name is unknown, although some people in politic-perverting-celebrity-industry spoke of her eerie similarities with the two-decade-lost sexbomb, Agnes Xezahnam. They say that this new Devi is so much like Agnes X, she gives them shiver. Is Devi really is Agnes? She will be fully revealed in TARUNG JAKARTA (THE JAKARTA BRAWL) !!

Bailed out from Padang Island Hell last friday, my series of unfortunate events have not stopped. As soon as I landed on Pekanbaru, the ticket guy told me that he couldn’t fetch me a Garuda 171 ticket. Meh, I said, how come? And geh, i said, I have requested the ticket from 9 a.m the previous day. The veteran ticket fighter said the ticket requests came to him at 1 p.m, after Garuda reservation had closed. Phew, I said, so what now, I said. The dude said: We’d fetch you a 1.50 p.m ticket, that will at least flew you to Jakarta today. So okay, I said, just don’t miss this one too.

One lunch and Friday prayer later, I got my ticket. 1.50 p.m, I boarded Garuda 175 and headed home.

And finally, Jakarta. 32 degrees celcius ( that 90 degrees fahrenheit) hot air and ever increasing pollution greeted me. Dodging the ever ubiquotus (is that the right spell?) taxi drivers, legal or illegal, I boarded an express bus that will take me to Pasarminggu. A DAMRI bus. Miseries were still following me, tagging along with me into the bus, adding another 3 hours to my journey from Soekarno-Hatta international airport to Pasarminggu bus terminal. I know toll highways are sometimes more jam packed than the regular roads, but that afternoon jam in the highways was way too much. Not even taking pictures with Cammy and playing Civilization 4 on Toshi helps my boredom. Caffeine overdose gave additional torture. I felt like hyperactive child trapped on 3 ft x 3 ft space. It was torturous.

And so, finally i reached Pasarminggu, at 8 p.m. No more reguler bus, so I have to take Ojek (motorcycle rider for hire) and spent 3500 rupiah more than the regular bus 1500 rupiah fare. And finally, home. Weak, tired, hungry, hot, and damp. I took a bath, and wake up the next morning with hammers hammering my head.

And it was saturday. Saturday was the day when my boss make an open house event and decides that all personnel available in Jakarta to come. Bleh. So I got up, took breakfast, bathed myself, and put on some casual clothes and headed to office. Anyway, the event was normal and somewhat good.

And somehow, I got inspiration to text-message the girls and asked if any of them want to wach Babel. One replied, so I told the office driver to drop me at Pondok Indah Mall. So I watched Babel with a girl. At least my saturday night was not so miserable. And oh yeah, Babel is a good movie, but not as good as Crash, if you ask me. And oh yeah, I printed 5 of my arts for sale on my Online Art Shop and gaze for the first time the result of digital spells I have applied on some of the digital photos I took. They looked alright, and I was pleased !

Came Sunday, and I think I felt asleep for the better half of the day, and went to bed earlier too at night.

Came Monday, and my PC did what old PC supposed to do: restarted over and over and over and over and over again. So I reformatted the OS partition, and reinstalled the buggy OS, on Tuesday.

Still on Monday, I finally met some professional comic makers, giving them my comic project outlines, and exchanging comic knowledge. These professional comic makers don’t make published comics, they make comics ordered by some NGOs. What will the comics do, they don’t give a damn. For them, at least they can make comics and gain money from that. Cool, like I always wanna do.

And came Monday night. It was time to fix the ever restarting old PC. Began with reformatting the OS partition so that no more headaches would came from ghosts of discarded data and reinstalled the 5 years old OS (won’t get the latest version, I heard it’s so power hungry it could eat a child!). And that was as far I wanna go that night.

Came Tuesday. It was time to reinstall all essential applications, hardware drivers, and games. Applications were easier, many of them are located on another application dedicated partition, and some can even be used without reinstalling. Games were little challenging, since many of them were installed from disk images, and Alcohol 120% couldn’t read all images made by the old FantomCD. An alternative route using my laptop was required, and by the end of the night, all the required games were installed.

Real challenge came when I had to reinstall the ancient Mustek 1200ED scanner driver. Had to install, un-install, and reinstall the downloaded driver because it just won’t work. Installing the driver on the ancient CD didn’t work at first, so I did some more fights with the downloaded drivers. I finally gave up, restarted my PC, and tried to install from the CD. It worked, my scanner finally back online. Note to self: Don’t put the CD somewhere it can be lost. Ah well, thanks God, no need to waste money for a new scanner; I had decided to purchase a Canon Pixma MP780 when there were no signs that the online driver could work.

So, came Wednesday. What miseries lay ahead for me? Only God Knows !!

Uncertainty is one word so deeply embraced by petroleum engineers that event they cannot tell you when they will be relieved from their onsite duty. They can make transport requests for their departure, but in doing so, they must also be close to any phone so that they will be ready to cancel the requests at any time.


Uncertainty is the main ingredient of petroleum engineers’ daily rations. Anything in their life, from how the hydrocarbon wells will behave to how their toddlers will recognize them when they back home is filled with higher degree of uncertainty compared to other engineers in other industries. No one can really predict when will an oil well will turn into gas well or water well. No one can really tell if an electric-submersible-pump-equipped-high-GOR-oil well is not pumping liquid at all and just blowing gas to the surface. No one can be sure if turning off such well is a good idea.


Uncertainties makes petroleum engineers always second guessing themselves and keep on constant loop to prepare logical excuses for doing their actions. It makes them walk the borderline between responsible person and downright liars.


Uncertainties, main ingredient for half of my life; I am a petroleum engineer, and I am paid to eat uncertainties for breakfast.