Kurau Field Trip – First Day of 2007 – Day 6

It’s 9.17 pm, in the chill office room prepared for ever changing Petroleum Engineer (a titular position which is officially defunct) and I am enjoying quite a fast internet connection for a remote Island connected to the rest of the virtual world by the way of the unseen waves which then connects to an ISP in Jakarta which connects to the destroyed fiber-optics on seabed of formosa. I am enjoying first day of 2007 Anno Domino, a year in which many bible huggers said that the second coming of their god-man will occur and a year in which Armageddon will be filled with soldiers from all believers of Abrahams.


Well, well, well, look at me. I have never put conspiracies out of my head, haven’t I? Well, I guess being a boy filled with lush and vivid imaginations, conspiracy theories are like new recipe possibilities for ever-insatiable master-chef. It’s the holy grail for all boys and girls born with fantastic imagination and excessive sources of conspiracy literatures.


Wow…my laptop battery is on 63% capacity already…


Hmm..first day of 2007….lemme see…resolutions or no resolutions? Naah..I’m not a chain-loving person, so lets just forget about resolutions and lets talk about missions and visions


My Mission and Vision for 2007


Vision: Becoming World Known Comic Writer and Artists


Missions: 1. Find mediums and people to make comics

               2. Invest money so that I can retire early and make comics

               3. Learn and Learn more about comics !!


Comics? Well, if you haven’t been on this gallery or haven’t read this comic, then you haven’t known me. Yep, inside this boy, there lie two men: One is a grudging engineer, and one is caged artist.


Split personality? Naah, more like balancing on thin rope 😉


Well, 2007 is here, lets hope dubya won’t invade Iran because he thinks he can, shall we?


Enjoy 2007.


PS: I wonder, how much will discreet graphic powered laptops will cost this year? I really want to play Gothic III while watching slicklines go up and down the holes


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