Kurau Field Trip – 2007 First Week – Day 6 and 6.5

Shit happens, I tell you, shit happens !!


Wow…was that a girl in high school uniform that just went by or I began hallucinating?


Man, getting rushed out by boss spelling rushed out decisions really rushing out my adrenaline and shortens my fuse. This boss from other division asked our division and another division to provide a Downhole Monitoring Tool. Well, okay, we can do that, but please don’t do it on last Saturday afternoon of 2006 please, ‘cause people are still on leave and it simply irritate us and it shows that you are man of rushed out decision.


And because of this man rushed out decision, another quality management failure is revealed. The guys who suppose to be in charge of the DMT assembly simply tell us that “Dude, we don’t know where those stuffs are..” Great. Man, we know we are paid on standard wage, unlike other high-flying high-standard expatriate company, but please, at least do your inventory right. So it was 10 in the full moon and starry night, on board a fibre-glass made jetboat, that I got the call “Hey bro, we got your stuffs, its here all along, hidden in the back of our storage…” or stuffs like that. Great. Another late at night call makes me have to do with late at night call to two numbers…..using my own cellphone because the phone on site is “having its day”. Great, ‘cause there was only, like, two bars on the signal strength indicator. It did a great job on draining my cell’s battery and my prepaid charge (because, you know, you need to repeat things ‘cause the persons on the other side cannot hear you well)


Oh well, all said and done, ‘till the REDA ESP specialist told me “Sorry sir, but we lacked some parts here….”


Shit happens, I thought. More phone calls and more battery and prepaid charge drainage later, we found out that the parts are “not available” on the field.


Lord, You Are so Destiny-making !!


So I postphoned the job, sms-ed HQ, and sent my people to base to get some sleep. Administration and barrage of comments can wait later in the morning. I know it will come as soon as people at The Capital opened their eyes, which is at 5.00 a.m (read: 30 minutes after I submerged into REM state). And barrage of comments, questions, and orders don’t stop there.


Oh well, this is the risk of working on third-rate company doing business on industry which has high-level of uncertainties: shit happens, a lot and all the time !!






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