Kurau Field Trip – First Week of 2007 – Day 7 and 8


Well…nothing happens much…but I think my sense of time has been dulled a bit…a sign that I have been on the tour of duty too long and have adapted to the time independent jobload nature of it. It is hard to keep track of time on your brain if you have to be ready to work at the blindest night or the brightest day or even both back-to-back.


Anyway, all problems are solved for now, but problems will be coming, I am sure of it, ‘cause this afternoon I will be pulling up some metal from deep 6440 ft downhole of 2500 PSI pressurized and as hot as 350 oF well. Problem keywords: pulling metals, pressures, heats,  depths, personel.


Those words could easily translates into various kinds of problem if not handled carefully.


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