Kurau Field Trip – First Week of 2007 – Day 11,12, 13, 14, 15

Uncertainty is one word so deeply embraced by petroleum engineers that event they cannot tell you when they will be relieved from their onsite duty. They can make transport requests for their departure, but in doing so, they must also be close to any phone so that they will be ready to cancel the requests at any time.


Uncertainty is the main ingredient of petroleum engineers’ daily rations. Anything in their life, from how the hydrocarbon wells will behave to how their toddlers will recognize them when they back home is filled with higher degree of uncertainty compared to other engineers in other industries. No one can really predict when will an oil well will turn into gas well or water well. No one can really tell if an electric-submersible-pump-equipped-high-GOR-oil well is not pumping liquid at all and just blowing gas to the surface. No one can be sure if turning off such well is a good idea.


Uncertainties makes petroleum engineers always second guessing themselves and keep on constant loop to prepare logical excuses for doing their actions. It makes them walk the borderline between responsible person and downright liars.


Uncertainties, main ingredient for half of my life; I am a petroleum engineer, and I am paid to eat uncertainties for breakfast.


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