A Day in January

It feels like a normal day in January. Woke up with sore throat and runny nose, and slight neural discoordination, but two glasses of filtered-ozonized-water done nicely to  fully wake me up and pump the blood. It’s 3.30 am, and its time for Isya and Tahajjud prayers. Urinated, washed the bird, and poured out some Wudhu. Cold water splashed my face and limbs, giving my skin some neural impulses and activate more segments of my brain. Then came the prayers, the ways for more meditatation, blood pumping, and brain segments activation (try Moslem’s prayers if you think Buddhist meditations and all that yoga craps waste too much of your time. It took less than 10 minutes and it’s definitely not using crazy discontortioning moves).


And I went to sleep again. Darn stubborn bacteria !!


15 to 5, I woke up. Slightly refreshed. I could feel my immunity system were fighting off those nasty and sneaky bacteria who got the best of me when that darn mutating influenza virus were attacking me last week. Felt the sore throat again. Coughed some nasty coughs and spit out some viscous, greenish mucus out. Good. Those white cells had been doing their best.


 15 minutes were the only time I had to open Opera 9.10 and read those offline instant messages. Not enough, but oh, time is so limited. So I unplugged Toshi and put her into my backpack.


Next came the breakfast. Rice, chicken soup, and one piece of boiled egg. Enough protein to keep my white cells coming. Drink two more glasses of water.


Well, what happened next is routine. What comes in must comes out and some dead skin cells washing.


Then the clothing on and shoes putting and stuff pocketing.


Then off I went, chasing Metromini S62 and having another long hour sitting on plastic bench and breathing some smog. Then I dropped myself off on a bus stop and took Metromini S640 and still able to have a seat.


Then I dropped at another bus stop and walked some good walk to Wisma Mulia. Past through the glass automatic door and got my bag checked by that bipping flat bat. It both went green and red at the same time. Oh well, whatever, It’s just a routine derived by fear for made-believe terrorists.


Took the elevator to floor 31 without going to floor 4, 14, and 24 (Chinese superstitions…go figure), greeted the security/receptionist guy, and went to greet the urinoir (those white cells have been moving actively, forcing blood to flow to my kidney faster and thus the visit).


Then went to my chair, greeted everybody, and then seated and opened my bag.


There was Toshi, but her umbilical chord is missing. Darn, I forgot to unplug the metal and plastic chord. Time to do some diplomacy.


Got the umbilical chord from a friend. Burn some zipped comics to two DVDs.


Got call from John saying that he brought over the comic which’s cover I colored  and ready to hand it to me. So I went down to the main lobby and greeted him and took the comic.


And so my life went on.




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