Flood City

It’s Jakarta, and it’s flooded again.

And I’m thinking that this recurring phenomenon (it happens every year) is the physical manifestation of accumulated negativities that have been plaguing the city.


The said negativities? Weakening of laws, bad city planning, chaotic municipal waste managements, inefficient traffic managements, and unchecked growth of fossil-fueled vehicles.


How come? Well, Jakarta has inadequate waste-water drainage, almost no water recycling plant, nonexistent river maintenance management, increasing number of concrete building, diminishing number of trees and open grass spaces, and profiferations of structures that have deep foundations.


Those are nothing compared to forgetful, short-sighted, and idiotic quality of the municipal government. The flood has been recurring each year, for perhaps 3 decades.


Those greedy leeches even think of it as necessary traditions, hoping that some money – that they will surely be suck dry – will pour for the flood handling.


Suck to be Jakarta  resident, especially in first quarter of any year.


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