Monthly Archives: March 2007

I am a sucker for Canon’s Digicam, so the moment I saw this baby, I am instantly in love!! Man, 10x zoom (!) digital camera that can do hi-res movie and sized nothing like its bulky 10x zoom brethrens! Gotta have this one! But first, another Canon, but this time Canon Pixma MP800!


Pardon my language, but that’s how I feel right now.  You see, it was three fucking weeks offshore and cut off from all nice vista of big metropolitan, and what did I get when I got home? So so appraisal from supervisor, no off-days given, and my home PC is unable to be booted up.

I wonder what have I done to deserve this?

Or is this simply a warning signs for me to get out from my old life and get a new life? Yeah…that’s probably is….

The next question, what will the next life be for a lost boy? Next life that won’t be sucky?