Fire in The Forests, Quakes in the Waves, Tears in Their Eyes

Indonesia is a country marred in disasters ever since Soesilo Bambang Yudhoyono (popularly known as SBY) took office. First the gigantic Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami that killed hundred of thousands of Aceh people. Then quakes in other major islands of Indonesia such as Java and Sulawesi. Then forest fires. Then mudslides. So on and so on.

Following the Great 21st century Eearthquake, there has been a chain of non-stop Earthquakes happening in west coasts of Sumatra. The latest one was yesterday afternoon. 7.8 Richter scale Earthquake hit West Sumatra Province and has cause unmeasurable damages to the infrastructures and lives of people of West Sumatra.

Condolescences to them.

It will always feels devastating to see people uprooted from their homes, forced to cope with the elements with minimal equipments to do so.

It will always feel devastating to see children, innocent children, being exposed to ruins, elements, and overall feeling of glooms.

It will always feel devastating to see people having Natural disasters in their live.

And it will always feel enraging to see a head of a country, be it a president or a despot, happily, merrily enjoying his trip abroad while his people, his supposed masters, are in suffering.

SBY is having a leisure time in the USA, doing God knows what after G20 meeting and Harvard speech. Probably begging for more money. Probably plotting more conspiracies. Probably both.

Probably he doesn’t know or doesn’t care that the day before West Sumatra quakes, Jakarta began to suffer electrical brownouts due to a huge transformers went down and take Jakarta with it while giving out billowing smokes.

Probably he doesn’t care that days before he left, Kalimantan (a.k.a Borneo) island, the largest island of Indonesia, has also been billowing celestial amount of smoke resulted from “forest fires”. This gargantuan smoke has been blanketing Kalimantan for days, making the usually blue sky of Balikpapan gray. Gray sky that reminds me so much of the cursed polluted sky of Jakarta.

It gives me headache simply thinking about it.

Indonesia is country marred in disasters.


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