Gray Sky Is Not Humanly

For a week now I have been under a gray sky here in Balikpapan. I have told you about the burning woods in South and Central Kalimantan, and those burnt woods are still smoldering smokes and the fire is still raging. Smoke is nowhere to be gone, even after reaching second week of smokefest.

Now the sky is grayed even more with the rain that came down almost non-stop from wednesday night to friday night. The gray clouds are still hanging outside my windows now, adding the mood of laziness to this already mostly silent neighborhood.  

Gray Sky Is Not Humanly.

As I rode my motorbike yesterday, the thought came to my mind. Not only does the gray sky add the overall feeling of gloom to the emotions of human underneath it, but it also reduces the colors of live, and if it persists, the feeling of laziness soon strike the heart of humans that look at it.

It is as if humanity is powered by the yellow sun, and gray cloud are the inhibitor of that power.

As for motorbike riders like myself, we think the gray cloud that hang above us as a spectre of potential hazards. The only things protecting us from torrent of rains that can come down suddenly are the clothes on our bodies and the helmets on our heads. We need to pull over to pull our respective rain deterrent equipments, but that’s if we can pull over. If not, then we will be unceremoniously bathed in rain that pierced our bodies as we speed up to reach our destinations and risking to have tire slips or other kind of accidents caused by our helmet visor mostly covered by rain or the slippery roads.

And in motorbike dominated roads of Balikpapan, the potential of having accidents during rain is multiplied.

And I pray that the rain that was hitting my face as I speed up was not carrying acid that was born out of the reaction of the burning woods smoke and cloud-borne moisture.

Overall, Gray Sky Is Not Humanly.


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