Sunday Walk is For The Health

Got out of home yesterday, 6.30 in the morning. The sky is cloudy. The housing complex streets were empty. My feet were anxious. So I put on my training and shoes and walk out. Simply walk, enjoying the idle morning and also trying to get to know my new habitat.

It turns out there was an aerobic session held in Fantasy Junction area of Balikpapan Baru. I don’t know if that session is weekly or just that. I hope it’s weekly cause I think I need to do aerobic.

It turns out my housing complex is only one of so many housing complex that form a megacomplex. There are Balikpapan Baru housing complex, Regional Government (PEMDA) housing complex, WIKA housing complex, and so on. I started from one of BB housing complex cluster and ended up on the mouth of PEMDA housing complex.

It turns out that each sunday morning food stalls are already open. There are various food stalls available for hungry morning walkers like me. I chose two portions of Nasi Kuning (Yellow Rice) complete with chickens and boiled eggs. One for me and one for my cousing who keeps me company each night.

After I bought the nasi kuning for breakfast, I walked home, sweaty and all. Got home, and I eat one portion of the nasi kuning and drink water, sweat pouring from my pores. The thing with me is that I hardly sweat during walking or running, but AFTER walking or running and stop will I sweat. A lot. Especially if I eat something spicy afterward. Hot spice (chili, pepper) and me are enemies.

Well, it was a healthy sunday walk. I think I will try walking again this afternoon, just to try.


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